Vitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone -  Genzyme
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   -  Fifth Edition (2009)
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   -  Third Edition (2007)
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The evolution of vaccines
The evolution of vaccinesWho invented vaccination?
It is widely believed that the story of vaccination began with Edward Jenner, but it had, in fact, started nearly a millennium earlier when people in India, China and Africa deliberately exposed themselves to milder strains of a disease in order to protect themselves against more virulent forms. In 1796 Jenner infected a young with cowpox. When the boy recovered from the cowpox he was then deliberately infected with smallpox and fortunately he did not contract the disease.


Science and Technology in Action has been developed with the active participation of many of our leading science oriented organisations from the private and public sectors.

It is an innovative and attractive resource for teaching and learning that benefits both industry and education.
-Bord Gáis Networks
-Boston Scientific
-Infosecurity Ireland
The folder contains resource material, lesson plans, real-life applications of science and background information on the following topics:
Extending the Natural Gas Network
  • What is the difference between a gas transmission system and a gas distribution network?
  • What are the main factors that influence decisions to extend the gas network?
  • From what materials are gas pipes made?
Defibrillators and How They Work
  • What voltage does a defibrillator apply to the body?
  • What 'shape' is the voltage pulse?
  • What is a biphasic waveform?
Chemical Bonding
  • What key discoveries led to the modern idea of 'element'?
  • What is meant by 'H2O'?
  • Are there general rules to predict chemical bonding?
Protecting Water Quality – The Nitrates Directive
  • Why are nitrates necessary in the soil?
  • What is the downside of excessive fertiliser use?
  • What is the Nitrates Directive?
Space Satellite Physics
  • How would you calculate the time for one orbit of a satellite?
  • What are Newton's laws of motion?
  • Learn how to apply Newton's laws of motion.
Science, Technology and Information Security
  • What is authentication?
  • How does encryption work?
  • What is meant by biometrics?
Water and Waterways
  • What steps are taken to reduce pollution from agricultural land?
  • Why is human waste treated separately from animal waste?
  • What is the benefit of artificial wetlands?
Vitamin D and Parathyroid Hormone
  • What is a vitamin?
  • What is a vitamer?
  • What are the functions of vitamin D?
  • What exactly is a pandemic?
  • How do influenza viruses change?
  • How does immunisation work?
Databases — Changing the World
  • What is a relational database?
  • How is data made secure?
  • What is an encryption key?
The evolution of vaccines
  • What is the difference between attenuated and inactivated vaccines?
  • What are second generation vaccines?
  • What are DNA vaccines?
Smarter Use of Fuels
  • Can ethanol be made from biomass?
  • How can cars be made more efficient?
  • Can drivers make a difference?
The Chemistry and Production of Bone Cement
  • What material is used as bone cement?
  • What is a polymer?
  • How is PMMA used in Surgery?
Future Food Security
  • Can we continue to feed ourselves?
  • Is the supply of fertilisers limited?
  • Is high-rise agriculture the future?
Pain and Pain Management
  • What exactly is pain?
  • Are there special pain neurons?
  • How do analgesics work?